Log of QGIS features contributed by QWAT's team

QWAT project appears to have been a major contribution driving force to QGIS project for almost five years now.

It's time to pay tribute to their commitment and list what's been achieved up to now.

More than this, it is an incredible proof of how an Open Source project can be led by the real usage, as long as we take the effort to contribute.

Features listed here have been either developed entirely or funded by QWAT members. If you find any error or remember something else, please raise an issue in https://github.com/qwat/QWAT/issues.

  • Default Z value for 3 data [QGIS3] by NextGIS and Oslandia
  • Refactor node tool to clic-clic instead of drag and drop + usage of advanced digitizing constraints for existing features (was before only for new features) [QGIS3] Martin Dobias (Lutras Consulting)
  • Fixes snapping refresh issue when triggers change geometry in DB after commit [QGIS2.18] Hugo Mercier (Oslandia)
  • New plugin History audit trigger to store edits in DB, find them in a nice interface and replay old edits Hugo Mercier Oslandia
  • Fixes 3d inconsistency for editing tools on z values [QGIS3] NextGIS and Oslandia
  • Adds 3d creation option for new datasets (gpkg, spatialite, shp, memory layer..) [QGIS3] NextGIS and Oslandia
  • Constraints in forms extensions to any expression [QGIS2.16] Paul Blottiere (Oslandia) and Matthias Kuhn (OpenGIS)
  • Magnifier tool in MapCanvas [QGIS2.16] Paul Blotierre CAD editing improvements

Denis Rouzaud (SIGE):

  • Python bindings automatic generator aka sipify [QGIS3] Note: a huge and ungrateful work here, but so useful!
  • Advanced digitizing panel bringing geometric constraints when drawing (distance, angle, parallel, perpendicular)
  • Snapping options refactoring from a dock to a dedicated toolbar + dock [QGIS3]
  • CAD tool improvements
  • Identify with right click menu for fast access to attributes and actions - author Denis Rouzaud (1fb524f1195251833edef4637a619cb76ec37ead 2013)
  • Add icon to layer actions - author Denis Rouzaud ( 2013)
  • Add hstore support to Postgres - author Denis Rouzaud ( 2013)
  • New snapping widget (Q3)
  • Drag'n'drop designer (Matthias finished the work)
  • New attachment widget (Q3)
  • Copy-move feature map tool (Q3)
  • Map layer and field comboboxes
  • Custom widgets infrastructure for Qt Designer
  • Date/time edit widget refactoring
  • Relation reference widget: map picker tool
  • User input widget (for map tools: e.g. rotation)
  • Map magnifier (in collaboration with Oslandia) (spelling error detection in source code) and a few fixes ;)


  • atlas composer
  • legend refactoring
  • snapping refactoring
  • multi-threading
  • 1:n relations
  • n:m relations
  • many field widgets fixes and improvements